Lviv: city, architecture, modernism

ed. by Bohdan Cherkes i Andrzej Szczerski

26 €

Modernist architecture of Lviv has not been the subject of so much interest. Appreciation arose for it just recently. The modernist style of architecture emerged in completely different circumstances than it functions today. Still, it constitutes the identity of the city. The publication accompanying the exhibition presented at the Museum of Architecture is the first of such a comprehensive study of this subject. It raises issues related to creativity and peculiarity of the Lviv architectural environment, the so-called “Lviv School of Architecture.” In the broad context, social and historical examples of modernist architecture of Lviv, which occupied an important place on the map of Poland and the whole “New Europe” are discussed. The book is a great publication of several hundred pages containing rich iconographic material and a collection of essays penned by Polish and Ukrainian researchers of Lviv modernism.