Architectural artistic crafts from the twelfth to the twentieth century

Wystawa stała

Due to the new governmental order, Museum of Architecture will be closed from 20th of March till 9th of April, 2021.

About the exhibition

The exhibition showcases products of glass-making, stained glass and tile making, stuccoing, as well as blacksmith, metalwork, foundry, joinery and masonry crafts’ products, as well as wooden ceilings and plafond painting. The chronological arrangement of the exhibits takes you through a variety of forms and style transformations taking place throughout centuries, from the early Middle Ages until the 1st half of the twentieth century. The exhibits come not only from Silesia, but also from other regions of Poland and Europe.


The exhibition has been widely popular among the visitors for 17 years. In 1998 it was awarded with Sybille – a ministerial prize for the Museum Event of the Year. Thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage obtained in 2015 the exhibition was modernized, partly rearranged and enriched with new exhibits, including art deco furnace and two medieval stained glass windows.


A richly illustrated guide of the exhibition written by its curators - Agnieszka Gola, Beata Fekecz-Tomaszewska and Magda Ławicka – is divided into three parts, characterizing development of architectural artistic crafts from the Middle Ages, the sixteenth and eighteenth century and the early twentieth century. Each section includes an extensive article about the most important social, religious and cultural issues, which are the background for changes in artistic crafts, and a detailed discussion on the most precious objects on permanent exhibition in the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw.


Modernization of the exhibition was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.



Maćków Pracownia Projektowa exhibition

Current exhibitions

exhibiotion open till October 30th, 2022

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the architectural firm and the Honorary SARP Award for 2020 for its founder - Zbigniew Maćków - have become the starting point for an attempt to catalog the architectural projects, as well as an opportunity to ask ourselves a few - not only professionally important – questions. Therefore, we decided to treat the invitation to organize an exhibition as another learning opportunity - with the conviction that if we do not find answers to “big questions” here, they are still worth asking.