Digitization and sharing the museum collections

part II

from June till December 2023 roku

In 2019, thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, within the framework of the collection digitization project, the Museum of Architecture began to share its resources. In the first stage, we made available collections related to 20th century architecture, including architectural designs, models, photographs and archives related to the work of prominent Polish architects including Bohdan Lachert, Józefa Szanajca, Maciej Nowicki, Andrzej Frydecki, Helena and Szymon Syrkus, Maria and Witold Molicki, Tadeusz Teodorowicz-Todorowski, Stefan Müller and many others. In this stage, more than 5,000 exhibits were digitized, processed, and made available.

The next stage of digitizing and sharing the collections includes 3,500 items gathered since 1965 in all of the Museum’s departments. They were selected particularly to enable a wide audience to learn as much as possible about the Museum’s diverse assets. It’s a cross-section of the impressive collection of the only museum solely devoted to architecture in Poland, which comprises several hundred thousand exhibits created from antiquity to the present day, including material remains of no longer existing architectural works, iconography and documentation of architectural ideas, as well as works of contemporary art. A special place in the collection is occupied by objects related to the architecture, culture and history of Wroclaw.

The search engine works like a web browser. If the number of results is to be limited to the exact phrase, it should be put in inverted commas. As you type in the subject you are looking for, prompts will help you to find a particular artist. The absence of a hint means that an author of this name does not appear in the part of the collection made available. The tab also contains downloadable materials – complete databases from the sections of Interwar Architecture and Contemporary Architecture.

Digitization and sharing the collections of Museum of Architecture in Wrocław (part II)

Digital Culture Programme

Total value of the task: 56,800 PLN

The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund – a state special-purpose fund.

Funding value: 45,000 PLN

Date of signing of the funding contract: July 2023


Postwar. Art and architecture.

31st Conference of the German-Polish Working Group for Art History and Monument Preservation.

Current events

9–12 października 2024 roku

We would like to invite you to the 31st conference of the Polish-German Working Group for Art History and Monument Preservation builds which is a continuation of the discussion started at last year’s meeting under the motto “art and war”, addressing the still topical issue of the place and role of art and architecture in post-war realities. The conference will discuss artistic phenomena that arise in the aftermath of war conflicts in different historical periods, political situations, and geographical contexts. The aim is to consider both the uniqueness and the shared features of these phenomena. We are waiting for submissions until 15 May 2024!