Construction Archive

Wroclaw Construction Archive

Wroclaw Construction Archive, which is the branch of the city’s Museum of Architecture since 2000, is the country’s largest collection of construction plans covering the period from the nineteenth century until 1945. This valuable collection is preserved in almost 90% and has been extended by a rich collection of images related to the architecture of Wroclaw.

Currently, the collections of Wroclaw Construction Archive include more than three hundred thousand designs, plans, photographs and archival documents relating to Wroclaw sacred and public buildings, such as the Centennial Hall, the Court, the Zoological Garden, schools and universities, department stores, prisons and residential buildings. Among them are the designs of the most prominent European architects of the nineteenth and twentieth century: Max Berg, Hans Poelzig, Erich Mendelssohn, Richard Plüddemann, Adolf Rading, Heinrich Lauterbach and others.

The age of the documents and their particular vulnerability to damage make them practically impossible to be viewed in the traditional way. For this reason, for several years the Museum of Architecture has been taking steps to complete the digitization of the collection, allowing fast, efficient and above all safe access to the archives. Digitized architectural plans, documents and photographs are described in detail in three languages - Polish, German and English - and then made available free of charge on the website of the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw.