Heinrich Lauterbach

The architect of Wroclaw modernism

red. Jerzy Ilkosz

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The publication is the result of months of work by Polish and foreign scientists, researchers of life and achievements of one of the most important artists of Wroclaw architecture of the interwar period, a disciple of Hans Poelzig and one of the main initiators and organizers of the exhibition Werkbund WUWA in 1929. The monograph dedicated to activities of Lauterbach in the period before the second World War, mainly in Silesia and Wroclaw, was divided into three parts. The first consists of articles and essays discussing the work of the architect by eminent experts in the field of architecture of European modernism, including Vladimir Šlapeta, Cristina Inês Steingräber, Beate Störtkuhl and Jadwiga Urbanik. The second important part of the publication is a catalogue with more than thirty positions (individual structures and major housing projects), illustrated with archival and contemporary photographs of buildings and their detailed descriptions. Most architectural plans and photographs in the catalogue come from the collection of the Museum of Architecture, where they were deposited in the early nineties of the twentieth century. The third part is comprised of articles by Lauterbach and source texts devoted to them.