Michał Duda

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The publication is a summary of the sixth, open-air edition of Archi-box, a series of presentations on the latest architectural achievements in the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw. The book describes Polegiwacz project, an interview with its author Mikołaj Smoleński and photographic documentation of the activities carried out within Polegiwacz from July to September 2014.

Polegiwacz  Design: Mikołaj Smoleński Cooperation: Grzegorz Kaczmarowski Polegiwacz, designed by Mikołaj Smoleński, was a micro-architectural installation, whose primary function was to enable its users to assume horizontal position. Located in the green foreground of the Museum of Architecture and surrounded by greenery, the object had a form of a grandstand, but with places to lie down instead of seats. Polegiwacz proved to be extremely popular - every day, from dawn till dusk, the unusual installation hosted all the amateurs of lying down, indulging in individual or collective contemplation, discussions, entertainment and recreation. According to the assumptions, the installation was to have potential of being creatively used. Polegiwacz became a framework for various events. Reality confirmed the validity of the initial assumptions. The installation was a background on one hand, on the other - the primary actor of all the outdoor activities carried out within the holiday meetings of Archi-box. It brought a certain order to the space it was located in, leaving its users with wide range of creative freedom. The greenery separating the Museum of Architecture from the city became a real and integral part of that space for the first time.