Michał Duda

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The publication is a summary of the fifth edition of Archi-box, a series of presentations on the latest architectural achievements in the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw.

Perceptron MRKK | design studio: Maja Ratyńska, Konrad K’sadhu Zientara The narrow, elongated space of Archi-box encouraged to experiment with sound. Even without any planned interference, inside of the box had specific acoustics. The sound reverberated in it in a surprising way, depending on its direction and distance from the openings and walls. This observation made the designers from MRKK group to use and transform the acoustic characteristics of the space and divide it into zones of different acoustic aura, reinforcing and absorbing sound in different ways. The sterile white cube turned into a sketched sound landscape composed of seemingly incompatible shots. In its original meaning, perceptron is a simplified physical model of the eye - the first neural network having a learning ability, designed by Frank Rosenblatt in 1958. In the MRKK version, “Perceptron” is an installation telling about the ways of perceiving space, creating environment in which visitors are exposed to unexpected stimuli.