Michał Duda

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The publication is a summary of the fourth edition of Archi-box, a series of presentations on the latest architectural achievements in the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw.

TRANSFER The exhibition of KameleonLab studio and the accompanying publication constitute a specific case study. In February 2011, the studio participated in the final of the workshop series organized by the Museum of Architecture entitled “Action-creation. Live design “. KameleonLab won the audience award for the design of a pavilion suspended over the roof of the museum. Two years later, the architects invited to present within Archi-box returned to that design, moving it into the exhibition space inside the museum. Studying the existing concept was to serve as an analysis of one of the strategies used by the studio. Using the concept of “strategy” and no attachment to the category of “style” stems from the belief that designing does not concern abstract objects produced in laboratory conditions, but should always be a reaction to the character, atmosphere, history and a number of other conditions resulting from a particular location.