Exhibition of the studio Biuro Projektów Lewicki Łatak


From the very beginning of each project we try to find something characteristic in a given location, some unique feature that distinguishes this place from others. Sometimes we find it in the existing environment or landscape, sometimes we find it easier to find it in the broadly understood culture or past - say Krakow architects.

Ph. Wojciech Kryński, Flyspot – twind tunnel, 2014, Mory, gm. Ożarów

Piotr Lewicki and Kazimierz Łatak, winners of the SARP Honorary Award for 2018, create their projects with a view to their functioning in a specific place. Some of the buildings constructed by the studio fit into the existing landscape, becoming an added value of a given area. Interference in the landscape is based on the synergy of space and architecture.

Ph. Maciej Lulko, 100th Anniversary Hall of KS Cracovia from the Sports Centre for the Disabled, 2018, al. Focha, Kraków

At the exhibition we will see five selected works by Lewicki Łatak Design Office. These will include, among others, photographs and mock-ups presenting the realized and awarded Grand Prix of the SARP Award of the Year and Grand Prix of the “Polityka” Architectural Award, the building of the 100th anniversary hall of KS Cracovia from the Sports Centre for the Disabled, a multifamily building from Wrocław and the development of the Square of Ghetto Heroes (Consent) in Kraków.

Footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists, od 2006, Kazimierz – Ludwinów, Kraków

The exhibition is open from 6 July to 25 August 2019.

Organised by: Biuro Projektów Lewicki Łatak

Co-organiser: SARP Wrocław

Graphics: Kacper Wereski


in the rear view mirror: combustion architecture

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Cars are one of the most important achievements of 20th century technology. In just one hundred years, millions of kilometers of roads have been created for millions of cars, with new buildings growing next to them: petrol and service stations, garages, motels, restaurants, housing estates and even entire cities. With courage that equaled only racing drivers, architects proposed heroic constructions using the latest technological advances. It only stopped during the fuel crisis, which coincided with the birth of environmental awareness and postmodernists starting to ridicule the seriousness of modernist ideals…


LEON TARASEWICZ - grand prix and temporary exhibition award

Current events

Sybille 2018 has been awarded! We are delighted to announce that in the 39th Competition for the Museum Event of the Year Sybilla, our last year’s exhibition “LEON TARASEWICZ” received as many as two statuettes. The exhibition was awarded with Sybil for the temporary exhibition and GRAND PRIX of the entire competition. We are honored and thank you for such a great distinction. At the same time we congratulate all other winners and participants.