One Project Gallery

Series of exhibitions

Architecture and its local, social, cultural and temporal context. These are the aspects of architecture we want to discuss with the authors invited to One Project Gallery. We will listen to their ideas, analyze their designs and talk about them – those brief assumptions are established by the originator of the cycle, a well-known Wroclaw architect Edward Lach and the other members of the Gallery Council: Urszula Golota, coordinating the project on behalf of the Museum of Architecture, and architects Romuald Loegler and Roman Rutkowski.

Our inspiration was One Project Gallery operating in Wroclaw in the 70s of the twentieth century, which was conceived and animated by the late architect Andrzej Chachaj. By giving the current cycle the same name, we wanted to commemorate him and his contribution to shaping the environment of Wroclaw architects.

At least ten times a year, usually on the first Thursday of the month, the Gallery will present one design - always prestigious and important for the Polish architecture. And so every time it will be a projection of the future which is about to become the material present. The author of the presented design will give an illustrated lecture and provide answers to any questions about the design afterwards.

The south mezzanine in the side aisle of the church currently serving as the main exhibition area of the Museum of Architecture was devoted to host the Gallery. Twenty meters long and four meters wide, it was equipped with a screen and appropriate lighting. The intimacy of the area allows for peaceful analysis of drawings and mock-ups.